Step inside. Take a look around.

You are invited on a tour of Bristol’s latest edition in office furniture, the COMO desking system.

The front is so simple and unpretentious, but as you step inside, it opens up and becomes more exciting.

COMO signifies creative offices for modern organizations.

As the design story unfolds, the creation of COMO stems from the symbolism and shape of a spider. The spider encouraged us to weave our dreams into reality. Her body is made up of a figure of eight which, laid on its side, is the symbol of infinity. Infinity is like the wheel of life, and strongly connotes the infinite ;possibilities of creation.


  • For seated privacy on demand, detachable panel screens define space and create boundaries for a person or team.
  • For less cluttered working area, COMO allows access to the power socket outlet from beneath the table top through a hatch cover.
  • Turnable wire management tower cover enables easy installation of cables from ground to table top while keeping the wires hidden
  • The table legs are supported with nylon plastic glides that provides enough base support yet maintaining a simple contemporary look and feel.
  • Double vertical pole allows running of wires and data cables from the floor to the table top beside providing a sturdy and stable working platform.
  • Die cast aluminium LCD arm enables position of the monitor between two facing desks, making it easy for team work collaboration
  • COMO combines simple forms and clear structure with design details that meet diverse user needs. The table arm, for example, is designed to cater different length table tops since it can be easily adjusted to other positions.