Filing Cabinet – 4 Drawer

Alpha F-C.04DR

  • Alpha filling cabinets are available in two, three and four drawer options.
  • Dual lock option is available.
  • Alpha filing flush handle and label holder.
  • Each drawer has 80% extension opening to maximize.
  • Central locking device is fitted to every cabinet for easy operations.
  • Each drawer has additional strength and allows support for foolscap suspended filling.
  • It can accommodate all filling when conversation rails are fitted (AMRA4)
  • Loading capacity 25kg per drawer

Rs. 29,916.00


Dimensions and Weight

D24.92 x W18.90 x H53.50


The company has the capability to customize any of its products to suit the customer needs be it the space availability, the perfect color, pattern or design to match your style or the material that suit your personal taste.



Item Number

Alpha F-C.04DR