ID 1

ID 1

With its first-class design and its lighting and transparency effects, the ID1 partition, centered frameless single glass, offers a smart concept for office
space planning.

Loft glass walls have become the absolute must-have in terms of interior partitions.



  • Demountable aluminium partition, 21 mm thick. Frameless full-height centered single glass.
  • Maximum height : 3300 mm (depending on elevations).
  • Aluminium profiles : silver anodised or RAL powder-coated.
  • U top runners and open down runners, 21 x 26 mm, for 10 to 12.8 mm
  • Junctions between glass sections with transparent 2-side adhesive
    tape or Cristal microprofiles.
  • Right angles, 135° angles, or T-shape angles with transparent 2-side
    adhesive tape or Cristal microprofiles.
  • Glass sections : edge-polished laminated or toughened safety glass, 10
    to 12.8 mm.
    Acoustic safety glass available.
    Any type of sanding and decorative films.
  • Standard or full-height hinged doors :
    – 55 mm square doorframe with adjustable and reversible hinges.
    – No supporting structure.
    – 40 mm thick laminated wooden door.
    – Aluminium-framed glass door, single or double glass.
    – 8 or 10mm toughened glass doors.
  • Swing doors (no doorframe), 10 or 12 mm toughened glass, with top and bottom pivots and floor spring.
  • Sliding doors, 8, 10 or 12 mm toughened glass.
  • Options and accessories :
    – Integration of light switches into the door jamb.
    – Electric strikes and locks.
    – Automatic drop seal for wood, aluminium-framed and glass doors.
    – Invisible hinges and door closers.
    – One-way pivots fixed on doorframe for wooden or glass doors.
    – Curved walls : profiles and glass
  • Acoustics :
    – Glass wall : RW = from 33 to 38 dB.
    – Door set : RW = from 30 to 43 dB.



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ID 1