Standard Vault Door

  • PRODUCT Alpha Std Vault Door fitted with 2 units of high security Godrej Key locks with stainless steel keys in duplicate.
  • One (01) unit UL listed , Direct Drive 3 wheel combination lock which offers nearly 1 million combination changes.
  • DIMENSIONS (Subject to tolerance plus / minus 5 – 10 mm)
  • The Door construction reinforced laminated barrier Material with the laminates inter – connected to is impervious to de-lamination attacks.
  • The barrier / TDR (Torch and Drill Resistant) compound plates providing considerable protection against fire, oxy, arc, oxy acetylene torch and drill cutting equipment blow and impact equipment’s such as hammer, chisel and other forcing
  • Two (02) units of Godrej 9 Level superior quality dual control key locks with 2 non-inter changeable keys. Each lock will have an additional master key (3 stainless steel keys for each lock) Indian origin.
  • One (01) unit UL Listed 3 wheel combination lock of Direct Drive and key change facility for 1, 000, 000 theoretical combination with manipulation proof

Rs. 733,104.00


Dimensions and Weight

External Dimensions ( mm ) - H 2215 x W 1165 x D 240 mm
Internal Dimensions ( mm ) - H 2055 x W 890 mm


Made from zinc coated sheets / galvanized steel